RSV 1.2  - requires Battlefield Vietnam 1.21 plus the official WW2 mod by EA/DICE
Recruit Snyder's Vietnam 1.2 -
Feature List / Readme

U.S. Tow Truck

RSV 1.2 Beta: Latest Additions

Studebaker 2.5t

Anti-Air Shotgun

Combat Shovel


Recruit Snyder's Vietnam 1.2
Gameplay Enhancements for BF Vietnam 1.21 (latest patch) and the official WW2 Mod by EA/DICE
Please note that the WW2 Mod is required to play!
Visit for latest news and updates and for illustrations.


Option # 1: 6.08 MB .rar file for manual install:
Delete all previous RSV installs including beta versions.
Open the distribution file which includes "sny_final.rar" plus the readme.
You will need Winrar or Winace to extract the file (get Winrar from, it's free).
Extract this .rar file to your desktop, open the folder ("sny_final") and drag the folder named "SNY" to your BF Vietnam "Mods" folder ("..\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods") and run the game. 
(The folder "SNY" should appear in your "Mods" folder, next to "BFV_WW2Mod" and "BFVietnam".)

Option # 2:  7.7 MB auto installer .exe (kindly provided by [AKMF] Stark)
Double click the .exe, it will automatically detect your BFV install (on Non-English Windows installs it may take some time depending on the system, do not abort!), it will remove older RSV versions and check if the WW2 mod is installed. The installation process aborts when the WW2 mod is not installed. If you encounter any problems with the auto installer, you'd have to use option #1 (above), the manual install of the .rar file.

Select this Mod in the Custom Game menu ("Snyder's Vietnam") and thereafter choose Singleplayer or Multiplayer. 
I recommend playing "Multiplayer/COOP" instead of Singleplayer. 

NETWORKING: All known server managers have been tested. Linux: Linux server admins need to run the "fixinstall" script which is part of the official Linux server distribution.

Menu & map loading music: Copy the "music" and "movies" folders from "BFVietnam" to "SNY";


19 Maps with COOP and Conquest mode; incl. 3 maps from the WW2 Mod and 2 custom maps by El Thilo:
Citylife and Camp Lovely. Map download not included, you should install those custom maps separately for BF Vietnam if you wish to play them. After that, you can play the original map with the author's setup in BF Vietnam or the enhanced version in RSV.


Those maps can also be downloaded from other locations.
Do NOT install them to the SNY levels folder, they are meant for BF Vietnam!


- Full AI support (except for known limitations in the Battlefield series, like "bots don't place mines", "bots can't use winches", "bots don't pick up kits", "bots don't place objects in a sensible way")
- Blood FX (moderate)
- 3rd person view for infantry (F10 - F12)
- No self destruction for damaged vehicles
- Vehicles can be abandoned on a map for later re-use
- Enemy vehicles can be hijacked and won't respawn until destroyed
- Tank, aircraft & chopper weapons with adjusted velocity / ammo
- Hooks & winches added to most vehicles (MI-8 Cargo etc.)
- Helipads repair and ammo refill radius increased
- Heat seeking missiles less precise now - they're still lethal but they're easier to avoid
- New/unique engines for all choppers, planes and most land vehicles, for instance: Huey Gunship and Huey Slick got different flight physics; 
- New suspension, transmission and steering for most vehicles. 4WD added to many Jeeps.
- Mobile supply depots - heal, repair land vehicles and refill ammo, destroyable, can be moved. 
- Extra seats for many vehicles
- Existing classes re-done, new classes added
- Existing vehicles re-done, new vehicles added
- Existing hand weapons re-done, new hand weapons added
- Several AI enhancements, for instance: Transport chopper pilots don't bail out over landing zones, they keep flying (most of the time) ;-))
- All U.S. heat seeking missiles got color markings to identify friendly fire. New heat seekers added for Combat Jeep (formerly known as "MUTT") and Huey Gunship - slower seeking routines;
- Several weapon & vehicle sound changes.
- Helicopter transport capabilities: Chinook and Mi-8 can lift/transport heavy tanks, Huey Slick: Medium & light vehicles; KA-25: Light objects, Jeeps;
- ATC Tango door can be opened (arrow keys): Do not load vehicles, only infantry;
- Lots of add'l objects, to be placed freely on every map: Please do not place them while driving!

Special Objects:

- Stationary AA Battery "Quad 50": Limited ammo, can be deployed by Nancy truck and Mortar Jeep wherever required.
- Stationary AA Missile Battery "Red Sky": Slow heat seeking rockets, radar, Left_Click fires one missile, Right_Click fires salvo (up to six); deployed by BRDM Mortar car and UAZ Pickup, anywhere.
- U.S. Checkpoint: Studebaker 2.5t wreck, accessible, with steel tank obstacle, good cover for infantry, very hard to destroy, deployed by Combat Jeep 4x4 anywhere; Studebaker 2.5t truck turns into U.S. Checkpoint upon destruction (instead of a disappearing wreck);
- NVA Checkpoint: UAZ Pickup wreck, sandbags, steel tank obstacles plus Heavy Engineer kit spawner, hard to destroy, deployed by UAZ Pickup and BTR 60;
- NVA Fueltrap: Three different models (barrels, crates), ignition: explosives, grenades, MG, some submachine guns; huge blast, kills everything; deployed by Vespa, BM21 SAM, Red Star, UAZ Patrol Car; spawns on several city maps; can be deployed inside buildings as well. Caution!
- U.S. Tank Obstacle: Steel tankobs plus sandbags; deployed by Studebaker 2.5t;
- Repair/Supply Crate: Looks like U.S. spawn crate, with beer logo; repairs and refills ammo; deployed by M113 and BTR 60, can be found near helipads for airlift;


- F4 Phantom, Corsair, MiG 17 & 21 adjusted
- A1 Skyraider added to many maps. Two variants; both feature new low-velocity napalm missiles;
- AC-47 gunship with mobile spawn point added to many maps. Spawns in mid-air until manned. Bomb load increased for carpet bombing.
- Huey Gunship: New heat seeking missiles for pilot added. Less precise, slow seeking routine.
- Cobra: Heat seekers for pilot added;
- Mi-8 Gunship: Heat seeking missiles added for pilot (secondary), Soviet type (slow)
- Mi-8 Cargo: winch added
- Ka-25: Added to many maps, winch added (can lift light vehicles & objects)
- OH-6: Added to many maps, one low-velocity napalm missile added, no reload; long respawn times.
- Chinook: Rear door added, to be opened by co-pilot (arrow keys); can hold 15 - 20 soldiers; crew (pos. 1-6) enters as usual, infantry can WALK in using the rear door. Rear door must be closed before take-off. Mobile ambulance station - only rear passengers can be healed.

Land Vehicles:

- Combat Jeep 4x4 (ex-MUTT): New model, add'l slow heat seekers added; can place U.S. Checkpoint / barricade; superb off-road vehicle;
- Mortar Jeep: New model, Long Wheel Base; Front Wheel Drive; can place Quad 50 AA battery wherever required. 
- Willy 3-seater 4WD: Fastest car around; "authentic" chassis;
- Willy Engineer + Minelayer: New model, two variants (open, canvas top); 4 WD; can place AP and AV mines; provides spare parts & ammo for vehicles and soldiers (= repairs and refills ammo);
- UAZ Pickup: Long Wheel Base, 2-seater; Front Wheel Drive; provides ammo & spare parts; can place stationary AA missile battery and NVA Checkpoint wherever required.
- UAZ Patrol: New model, 4WD, superb off-road vehicle; can place VC/NVA fuel trap;
- BM21 SAM: New model; 3-seater (2 inside cabin); add'l heat seeking missiles for gunner; driver and pos. # 3 can place fuel traps.
- BM21 Cargo: New model & physics; supplies ammo; drops supply/repair crates;
- Nancy AA truck: Can deploy Quad 50 AA battery; new physics
- Studebaker Flatbed Helicopter Carrier: Carries a OH-6 Loach which will always respawn on the truck; if enemy captures the truck, the helicopter is lost. OH-6 has long respawn times. 
- Studebaker 2.5t Support: Truck places steel tank obstacles plus sandbags wherever required. Upon destruction, truck turns into U.S. Checkpoint (hard to destroy, good cover for infantry);
- Tow Truck: Can lift & transport light & medium vehicles and objects (crates, AA batteries); heavy vehicle, causes great damage when it collides with other vehicles, even tanks. No armor. Do not lift heavy tanks.
- M 110: Gun adjusted; add'l passenger seat;
- M 113: Can place repair/supply crate
- M 132 "Zippo": 1-seater with flamethrower (turret); Do not drive into your own flames! Wait two or three seconds;
- BRDM Mortar: Amphibious, 2-seater, 4 mortars for gunner; limited rotation for mortar battery; driver can place AA missile battery "Red Sky";
- BTR 60: Can place supply/repair crate and NVA Checkpoint;
- BTR 60 Engineer & Minelayer vehicle (no turret, no propeller): Non-amphibious; places minefields (AP & AV mines), ammo refills & repairs;
- U.S. Propaganda Vehicle "AKMF Saigon": Re-furbished, ex-WW2 M3A1; doors can be opened (arrow keys); places U.S. Flamethrower infantry kit; carries PA system ("Stars&Bars Radio"), driver can start broadcast;
- NVA Propaganda Vehicle "Red Star": Flamethrower installed, PA system ("Hanoi Hannah") operated by driver, can deploy fuel trap, carries one Vespa (can be entered separately from the rear);
- Vespa: New physics; can place NVA fuel trap;
- Sheridan: Flamethrower added for MG gunner; gun adjusted
- PT 76: Armed passenger (open turret) added, gun adjusted
- T-72, T-54, Patton, ZSU, Ontos, M 46: Guns adjusted;

Infantry Weapons/Kits:

- Southern Heavy Assault class re-done: L.A.W. now with Car 15 or XM148 - not with M60
- M60: Increased deviation standing/running/kneeling; tends to jam - fire in short bursts (20 - 25 rounds) only
- U.S. Flamethrower kit added: Heavy kit, slow soldier movement. Deployed by U.S. Propaganda GMC "AKMF";
- NVA Flamethrower kit added: To be found on many ammoboxes (NVA); lots of mines & explosives added;
- Mini Shotgun: Pistol for several U.S. classes, close combat weapon;
- VC Close Combat class: Available from the menu; with "VC Model 40 9mm" submachine gun, great deviation; incl. AA Shotgun;
- VC/NVA Heavy Engineer: With "Type 9 MG 7 mm"; precise small calibre MG; available from the menu; also part of NVA Checkpoint.
- Combat Shovel: U.S. Engineers and several VC/NVA classes got a shovel instead of a knife. Lethal. ;-))
- AA Shotgun (NVA): Improvised short range AA weapon, firing bundles of 9 AA projectiles (no missiles);
- U.S. Demolition Kit: All sorts of explosives, no rifle; Mini Shotgun; on many U.S. Medboxes;
- M 16 Sniper: New ammo, bipod; very precise;
- M 14 & 21: New mags, 20 rounds per mag;
- Binoculars and/or Medkits added to several kits.
- Numerous minor changes

Special Notes:

- Naval Helicopter Carriers on D-Day Vietnam, Inv. Philippines and Inv. Wake are static (performance reasons);
- Those maps carry more vehicles than default BFV maps -> helicopters & landing crafts attack in waves;
- Flaming Dart: Several A1 Skyraiders added, 2 Chinooks;
- Music players and horns were disabled in many vehicles. 
- I strongly suggest you try the new features, weapons and vehicles offline before joining a server; practice against bots.
- Numerous minor changes which I forgot to mention, please don't sue me ;-)

Known Issues:
- In infantry 3rd person view (F10 - F12), ammo count display doesn't work; Hit F9 to see actual ammo left;

Have fun,

Recruit Snyder


Concept, code, graphics & models 2002-2004 Recruit Snyder. All rights reserved.

I wish to thank El Thilo for his superb custom maps (with bot support).
Special thanks to my beta testers from AKMF,, K15 Clan and; 
Thanks, Ride_the_Snake, for your excellent video teasers.