RSV Pro  - requires Battlefield Vietnam 1.21 plus the official WW2 mod by EA/DICE: RSV not required;

Recruit Snyder's Vietnam Pro - Tactical Gameplay for BF Vietnam incl. RS Vietnam
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RSV Pro: Latest Additions

Viet Cong MG 42 "Chainsaw"

M1 Garand S

Anti-Tank Rifle "Dragon"

NVA Tow Truck

Deployable M240 Sniper

The Final Public of RSV Pro has been released. Go here for installation instructions and feature list. RSV Pro brings to you enhanced gameplay, more features and functionality, but not in an arcade style mod like RSV 1.2.

What is Recruit Snyder's Vietnam Pro?

RSV 1.2 with all features, but for advanced players who like to use tactics and teamplay; no more rambo style chopper pilots. Ammo is limited, and vehicle respawn times greatly increased. That will teach players to use their assets wisely.
Retreat when you encounter enemy fire. Repair your vehicle when it's damaged - there are plenty of engineer/supply/repair vehicles available. Take good care of yourself when you're piloting a Chinook or Mi-8 Cargo - because your teammates rely on you, they need to rearm and repair their helos at your flying repair station. When you crash your chopper or jeep, you'll be walking around on the map for a few minutes - there's no new chopper or tank waiting for you in the home base ...
When the enemy attacks, you'd have to destroy their supply vehicles first - sooner or later their tanks and helos will run out of ammo or will be damaged and immobilized so you can finish them off.
When you're planning an attack on the enemy's main base, send out infantry first ... they'd have to destroy the AA gun emplacements, so your helos are safe when they cover your tanks - it will take minutes until the AA guns respawn.
Try to destroy enemy jets in their homebase before they take off ... they won't respawn for a while ...

And so on ... this is based on RSV 1.2 which was an arcade style mod for BFV. Technically, RSV Pro will be a standalone mod (RSV not required to play). RSV Pro will contain everything that RSV has, plus a few additions, and lots of changes.

A few examples:

M 240 Sniper deployable machine gun w/ tripod: Nice surprise for the enemy: hidden machine guns where he doesn't expect those.
Placed by several vehicles, on any map, anywhere. In the jungle, behind trees, in the grass, anywhere.
Tow truck plus the helicopter carrier got a model update, the driver can now be shot in his cabin - which wasn't possible with the original RSV models.

More Combat Shovels - players want them, here they are.
More kits now have got the original "Combat Shovel" - U.S. and North Vietnamese.

The deployable U.S. tank obstacle now comes with a M 240 S - which should be used against aircraft / helicopters (due to the sandbags, you can't fire in all directions and I will not lower the sandbags which are meant to give infantry cover);
The M 240 S will now be deployed by the Tow Truck and the Studebaker Flatbed Helo Carrier in "emergency mode", which means (for instance): Driver encounters enemy infantry or helicopters, (unfortunately) his vehicle is unarmed, one mouse click and the stationary M 240 S is placed behind the vehicle and the driver has already entered the gunner seat, ready to fire.

BRDM mortar battery and the deployable Red Sky AA missile station with reduced ammo. Red Sky missiles are a bit slower, they still can hit helicopters. Since all combat helicopters got radar, pilots should make use of it. Red Sky also got radar though ;-))

Ural Tow Truck for the NVA side; Long wheel base, not meant for ramming others, but it can repair damaged vehicles (and refill ammo); vehicle must be lifted first.

NVA HiTech weapon, the new "Dragon" anti-tank rifle; comes with clips of 10 rounds, it's a slow semi automatic (not like the Car 15 or M 16, it's really slow), bullets can damage tanks and APC's; headshots are lethal.
Replaces the SKS in the second NVA scout/sniper kit (not for Vietcong);
I admit, it's hard to find the sniper if you're being shot at - special ammunition, no muzzle flash;
The "anti tank" part is no big deal ... I guess the sniper needs an ammobox to get enough ammo to actually destroy a tank, but he can damage even heavy tanks 

A concept I initially developed for my BF42 mod (Mod Collection PLUS, Anthology 1.0), there it was a destructible air control tower with plane and soldier spawners, plus vehicle spawners attached to it, which somehow found its way into Vanilla BF Vietnam (Flaming Dart for instance, of course the models were different) ... I also had other variants of this "idea" in my BF42 mods, and now I think it should be added to RSV Pro as an additional objective because we'll be facing vehicle shortages in RSV Pro (due to longer respawn times);

The US side will get a destructible radar bunker on certain maps, somewhere in the jungle or in the woods ... 
The building can be destroyed by bombs, artillery, tank shells, explosives - but it's hard to destroy.
Two Hueys will spawn right next to the bunker, and there's an additional soldier spawner as well (not linked to any control point or flag).
The Hueys will have shorter respawn times than all the other vehicles in RSV Pro, so this "object" is a major asset for the US side and a major threat to the enemy.
US should protect it, NVA should try to destroy the tower (rather than dealing with the Hueys again and again);
If the radar bunker is destroyed, the spawners will disappear, and the bunker will not respawn on that map. There might be another bunker in a different place on the same map as the battle continues though - who knows with limited usability in Conquest 

RSV Pro is not a "realism" mod, but in this case it adds something that was missing in BF Vietnam (and in RSV): The M1 Garand "S" (of course, it's an enhanced version, there goes our "realism")
The M1 Garand saw service in WW2, Korea and in Vietnam until it was replaced by the M14 and M16. Still many G.I.'s preferred it over the modern assault rifles, mainly because it was a reliable weapon ...
So why would a BFV player want to choose the Garand?
1. The "Pling!" - if you don't now what I mean, try the Garand
2. New ammo, 9 mm, and it comes with 12 clips so it's a real option.

In RSV Pro we might see more infantry combat than in RSV, so this one should add something to the variety of the game; the M 14 still is the standard engineer rifle (engineer kits #2, all maps) but you can also get the Garand in engineer kit #1 ...

More to come ... 

RSV Pro Feature List

Special Thanks to: Stark & AKMF [], Bravo Allianz [],, SiNSTRIKE for their valuable support during beta testing and for their test servers.


RSV Pro still work in progress - features subject to change